so its been a ride.

2012-03-06 04:53:25 by emoruffino

So it's been a ride ladies and gentleman. In little over 2 years I have moved 4 times. This is no joke. Hollywood was my favorite of the places. Man thats a different story. Right now I'm still working on my own solo stuff. Just uploaded some of the stuff I'm working on for these 2 EPs I'm finishing. One is the standard hiphop and the second one is a dub/rapcore kind of sound which I'm calling, "Bright Lights, Vegas Nights". Probably about another 2 months or so till I can finish those both.

In OTHER NEWS, I've been brought onto Paul Zero's latest gig called the Black Nailz. Which is a NWA meets Slayer kinda of feel. It's fucking insane and hope to see you guys here on tour later this year...

See ya guys soon...

so its been a ride.

Working on the album.....

2010-11-03 15:15:55 by emoruffino

So been working on my album for awhile now... I'm currently editing the fuck out of the songs to make it sound better and better. I mean don't get me wrong, some of the songs i have out (that are going on the album) sound pretty good. But the rest are mos def work in progresses.

I'm trying to get the album out before xmas.... so lets see how that goes!

here i am....

2010-06-09 13:33:41 by emoruffino

so yea i registered quite awhile ago and never really did anything here.... i started working on my mixtape so i decided why not upload the shit here and see what happens...

Sad to see s-rock go, he has had some good beats.

members i watch out for are:

and Smurf!

^ if you like different styles of music and want to be creative follow these members and you will see wtf im talking about....