Entry #3

so its been a ride.

2012-03-06 04:53:25 by emoruffino

So it's been a ride ladies and gentleman. In little over 2 years I have moved 4 times. This is no joke. Hollywood was my favorite of the places. Man thats a different story. Right now I'm still working on my own solo stuff. Just uploaded some of the stuff I'm working on for these 2 EPs I'm finishing. One is the standard hiphop and the second one is a dub/rapcore kind of sound which I'm calling, "Bright Lights, Vegas Nights". Probably about another 2 months or so till I can finish those both.

In OTHER NEWS, I've been brought onto Paul Zero's latest gig called the Black Nailz. Which is a NWA meets Slayer kinda of feel. It's fucking insane and hope to see you guys here on tour later this year...

See ya guys soon...

so its been a ride.


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